Sip on Summer

The 'Sip on Summer' campaign marked the start of the warmer months, setting Sapsucker as the essential summer refreshment. It featured 20 unique restaurants, each showcasing their distinctive Sapsucker pairings, blending culinary creativity with the vibrant spirit of summer.

Services provided

Graphic Design

Creative Ideation

Content Creation


UI/UX Design

Influencer Marketing

Messaging Strategy

Community Management


Food & Beverage

The Objective

Sapsucker sought to forge new accounts and, leveraging our profound connections within Toronto’s culinary scene, aimed to establish authentic, enduring partnerships.


Our team meticulously curated a selection of Toronto's finest restaurants, each chosen for their exceptional ability to create unique pairings with Sapsucker. These establishments were highlighted through exclusive videos that captured the essence of each pairing, featured prominently on the campaign's landing page for maximum visibility. Additionally, dedicated story sets were crafted for each restaurant, offering a deeper dive into the story behind the pairings and further elevating the campaign's reach and impact. This multi-faceted promotional strategy not only showcased the versatility of Sapsucker but also celebrated the culinary diversity and creativity found within Toronto's vibrant food scene.

The Results

  • 1.5M social impressions
  • 14K social shares from restaurant visits.
  • 95% vendor conversion to permanent Sapsucker accounts.
  • 26K campaign website pageviews.

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