Boots & Hearts


Taste Media joined forces with Republic Live and Boots and Hearts, embarking on a mission to introduce "TasteTown," a newly built VIP section designed to infuse Canada's biggest country music festival with the boldest flavors from the heart of the city.

Services provided

Graphic Design

Creative Ideation


Custom Build-Out

Logistics & Permitting


Event Production

Social Integration


Music & Entertainment

The Objective

Aiming to elevate the VIP experience, Boots and Hearts envisioned transforming it into a gastronomic haven, where patrons could indulge in premium culinary delights from Toronto's most acclaimed restaurants, setting a new benchmark for luxury festival dining.


Taste Media handpicked Toronto's top chefs, steering them in menu innovation and branding. Overseeing logistics, design, and marketing, Taste Media developed the VIP food section at Boots and Hearts, elevating the festival's culinary experience.

The Results

  • 1.5M social impressions, expanding digital reach.
  • Attendee spend up 90% year-over-year.
  • 98% VIP approval rate.
  • Online mentions doubled, boosting media presence.
  • 16 unique gourmet menu items added to VIP menu

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