Burnbrae Farms

Dine With Eggs

A riveting 6-week campaign that showcased unique egg dishes from over 30 local restaurants, significantly boosting Burnbrae Farms' visibility among the 18-34 demographic.

Services provided

Creative Ideation

Social Integration


Content Creation

UI/UX Design


Event Production

Community Management


Food & Beverage

The Objective

Elevate egg consumption across Canada by engaging the younger generation and positioning Burnbrae as their go-to egg brand. This initiative also aimed to amplify Burnbrae's footprint across various food service venues.


Employing a multi-tiered strategy, the campaign integrated both digital and in-person elements. Each participating restaurant was highlighted through an original, high-quality video of their signature dish, accompanied by a feature on the campaign's landing page. The campaign was ignited by a launch event with 100 attendees, where five selected restaurants showcased their egg-centric dishes in a competitive cooking format.

The Results

  • 2.9M social impressions, showcasing vast reach.
  • 80% vendor conversion to new customers, indicating strong impact.
  • 6,500 dish votes, reflecting high engagement.
  • Over 30K website pageviews, highlighting significant interest.

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